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Payment Options

Q. Which payment cards are accepted at Bowflex?

A. Bowflex accept the following cards/credit cards:

  • Direct Debit - Online
  • VISA - Over the phone, Online
  • Master Card - Over the phone, Online
  • Diners Club - Over the phone
  • Q Card - Over the phone
  • Farmers Card - Over the phone
  • GEM Visa - Over the phone

Q. Can I pay for my online purchase by any way other than credit card?

A. At this point in time the only way to make an online purchase is using a Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, or direct credit.
You can call us on 0800 269 3539 to pay by other means as well listed above

Q. Are there any finance options available?

A. Yes, please visit our Easy Financing page to view full details or call us on 0800 369 3539 for further enquiries.