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Technology 101

What makes Bowflex Resistance Different?

Unlike traditional machines, Bowflex® home gyms utilize advanced resistance technology that doesn't rely on gravity. As a result, Power Rod and SpiraFlex® gyms eliminate inertia, making it impossible to 'cheat' your way through an exercise while reducing strain on the joints and tendons. For efficiency, safety and results, no free weight system or weight stack machine even comes close.

Bowflex Resistance

The original Bowflex® home gym resistance technology that's easy to use.

Bowflex® Power Rod® Technology
The harder you work, the harder Power Rod® resistance works with you.

The progressive resistance of our Power Rod® technology means there is less resistance at the start of your exercise than at the end. For beginners, this means it’s easier to get started and built fitness and strength gradually. While for more experienced users, progressive resistance allows for almost unlimited exercise variation and customisation. Proven Power Rod® technology has helped more than one million satisfied users achieve their fitness goals.

Bowflex Power Rod